About Innovo

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Innovo was created in 2012 as the brainchild of two key Eclipse developers, Scott Raderstorf and Robin Newman Merrion.

Scott, along with a group of individuals with unique software and distribution expertise, created the Eclipse Distribution Management System in 1990. Over the next 10 years Eclipse grew to $40 million in revenue with more than 150 employees, and became the market leader in software for Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC distributors.

After working for Eclipse for more than 12 years and then for one of the largest Eclipse electrical customers, Robin started her own software company, Sapphire Solutions. Robin saw the need for creating a mobile-friendly way of using the Eclipse software that would protect and extend the software investment and began designing mobile apps for Eclipse’s large customers.

Scott and Robin have brought on board the original Eclipse developers, representing more than 100 years of collective experience with Eclipse and the distribution and wholesale industry. They support Innovo in their pursuit to deliver customers best-in-class apps, which solve tangible problems in the marketplace and provide a "wow factor" experience for end-to-end customers.

Our Team

Robin Newman Merrion

Robin, founder and president, is an accomplished Product Manager, Software Engineer, Business Analyst, and now Business Leader. Robin has spent the past 14 years developing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the wholesale distribution industry. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a Master’s of Science in Applied Mathematics, Robin started working for Eclipse as a software engineer and was later promoted to development manager and then product manager. Robin was the liaison to the Eclipse Users Group and the NAED (National Association of Electrical Distributors). She continued her career working for two leading electrical distributors to experience distribution from the inside out. Robin eventually left to start her own company, Sapphire Solutions, doing custom programming and mobile applications for Eclipse customers. Away from the office, Robin enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and spending time with family. She currently lives in Boulder, CO.

Drew Mapplebeck
Vice President Sales

Drew has been in the Software Industry focused on Electrical, Plumbing, Industrial, and HVAC Distribution for the past 25 years. Drew was in both Product Management and Sales Management for 18 years with the Eclipse Distribution Management System. After being acquired by Epicor in the late 90’s, Drew headed up the Strategic Sales Team focused on providing technology solutions to the largest Epicor customers. Drew joined Innovo in 2012 to head up the Sales team. When not working, Drew is an avid hockey player and horseback rider.

Mike Finkenzeller
Vice President Engineering

Mike is an accomplished Engineer with over 11 years of software development experience. Mike graduated from Roger Williams University with a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics. After spending time working as a Network Engineer in Boston, Mike joined Eclipse in 2001. Most recently, Mike was the Lead Architect at Eclipse and member of the Epicor Cross Platform Architecture team. When not focused on technology, he is an avid golfer and loves spending time outdoors. He currently lives in Lexington, MA.

Jason Nix
Chief Architect

Jason has 16 years of experience as a software engineering professional, the last five years on large software applications. While attending the University of Colorado, Jason began his career as an intern with Eclipse. After graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science, Jason quickly rose through the ranks to become the lead architect of the Eclipse and Solar Eclipse platforms. Jason spent 2 years as a software architect at Boulder Imaging developing high-speed image capture in computer vision applications. He returned to his software engineering roots, joining the launch of Innovo in 2012. Away from the office Jason enjoys brewing beer, playing golf and pool, and spending time with friends. Jason currently lives in Longmont, CO with his wife and their two cats.

Mark Artim
Director of Product Management

After graduating from Purdue University Mark has been in distribution for over 30 years and in the ERP distribution software industry for over 20 years. Starting out in implementations Mark spent his early years in the field in supply houses learning the business from talented individuals from leading distributors as well as the founders of Eclipse. Most recently Mark was the product manager responsible for roadmap of the core Epicor Eclipse product. When not working you can find typically find Mark on the slopes, in one of Boulder or St Louis’s best dining spots or working on the latest construction project around the house. Mark lives in St Louis, Missouri and also spends plenty of time in Boulder Colorado.

Chris Benson
Technical Support Specialist

Chris has 15 years of experience supporting hardware and software in the Retail, Academic, and Governmental sectors. While working as a System Administrator at the University of Illinois, Chris earned a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies and worked in Geographical Information Systems before returning to Colorado to be near family. Outside of work, Chris enjoys trail running, snowshoeing, and hiking. Chris lives in the foothills west of Boulder.



Epicor® provides a new approach to the way enterprise resource planning or ERP systems and business software solutions are designed, built, and used. They’ve redefined ERP software to maximize productivity in every area of your organization. ERP is the tool that can inspire your company to innovate and think differently about your business, so that you can ultimately deliver inspiration to your customers. Epicor ERP is business software. Learn more at epicor.com.

Innovo User Group

The Innovo User Group was created in 2014 by a group of Innovo product users with the assistance of the Innovo team. The group is a non-profit organization in the state of Colorado. The Innovo User Group is managed by a small board of directors who volunteer their time, effort, and individual expertise. The board members come from various departments from within their respective organizations, including marketing, information technology, and management. Learn more at innovousergroup.com.

Eclipse Users Group

The Eclipse Users Group is an independent organization of distribution companies which use the Epicor Eclipse software within their organizations. The membership is made up of over two thirds of the Eclipse users from all types of distribution and all areas of the US and Canada. Learn more at eclipseuser.com.


WIT is a member-owned buying group established by Independents for Independents. Working with our distributors and participating vendor companies, WIT leverages its size and national presence to provide its owners with purchasing and marketing programs, central payment services, technical support, and major networking opportunities. Governed by a Board of Directors, WIT distributors are committed to working toward collective goals and initiatives that ensure each individual owner’s success in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry. Learn more at wit-co.com.


The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) is the voice of the electrical distributor. We provide members with the best tools, information and assistance to help them thrive and improve the electrical distribution channel. Learn more at naed.org.

Trade Service

For 81 years, Trade Service has provided a common information platform, across several vertical markets, to help trading partners communicate and conduct their daily business. In every market, the constituents need the right business information on which to base critical and time-sensitive decisions. Trade Service is a leader in content acquisition, aggregation, management, publishing, and distribution. Learn more at tradeservice.com.

Socket Mobile

Founded in 1992, Socket Mobile provides companies worldwide with portable computing and data collection hardware. Their mobile business solutions help companies eliminate manual processes and maximize the efficiency of mobile workers. Socket Mobile offers a durable and customizable handheld computer, award-winning software utilities, and all of the essential barcode, RFID, POS and data communication peripherals. With key partners in healthcare, hospitality, and other critical markets, Socket provides effective mobile solutions for diverse business requirements. Learn more at socketmobile.com.

Customer Testimonials

John Barnett
Johnstone Supply

Sig Touch has made our truck delivery & invoicing processing more efficient while providing a seamless way to capture signatures. Our drivers appreciate having one electronic device to handle all aspects of customer delivery from mapping to manifest, and recording delivery details. The IPad devices look professional at the counter. Allowing us to market products, and promote in-house specials/training directly to customers.

OE Touch Sales keep on growing. The App is popular with Customers and Territory Managers because it’s fast & intuitive. It increases efficiency by letting them access our system wherever they are. Product inquiries, placing orders and seeing product data is right at their fingertips. The product group utility allows customers to customize shopping lists for popular items, that we can help them maintain. The Discover portal gives us visibility to customer interaction with the App, who’s using it and what they’re searching. This is great customer data! Innovo did a great job creating an intuitive App that integrates with Eclipse practices, look & feel.

Innovo’s support is second to none. They’re quick, responsive and understand our business and what’s important. The company is always innovating, and communicate new updates & features well.

Tammi Frank
Johnstone Ware Group

We learned about Innovo through our search for a Mobile Application that was fast, easy-to-use and reliable for our customers to be able to place orders. Innovo’s OE Touch and StockRoom mobile apps provided just that. Since partnering with Innovo, who have programmers who know the Eclipse ERP like the back of their hand, we have almost doubled our eCommerce sales through the use of the OE Touch and StockRoom apps. Having a tool like OE Touch, supported by the wonderful team at Innovo has allowed us to do that. Innovo really listens to what their customers say and puts our suggestions into action right away.

We have had a wonderful experience working with Innovo and have even begun using the SignatureTouch app as well to capture signatures at the counter and for our delivery drivers to capture electronic signatures while making deliveries. It even allows us to track our drivers while on the road.

If you are interested in working with an innovative company of friendly, helpful, and attentive people to solve your mobile needs, Innovo is the company for you!

Mike Castillo
Famous Supply

You guys rock! It has been refreshing to once again work with a group of people that understand the importance of their personal relationships with their customers and their business systems and process improvement needs. To quote some comments that have come from some of our customers and vendors... It's a game changer.

Les Johnson
North Coast Electric Company

Innovo listens, then transforms customer ideas into features. That’s a hard virtue to find. We have been Innovo customers since 2013. I am constantly surprised by the rate and quality of Stockroom Manager updates.

John Jackson
North Coast Electric Company

Stockroom Manager provides our customers with the detailed information they need on an easy to use application, saving them time and improving the quality of operations. Innovo’s rapid response to issues and request, and the continuous improvement of their products helps us provide value for our customers.

Pamela Nation
Springfield Electric Supply Company

We have been using OETouch (Renamed SETouch for us) and Stockroom for several years now and could not be more satisfied with how successful they have both been. We use Stockroom on iPod Touch 5’s with the socket mobile scanners attached. They were able to replace very old and outdated scanners that we had used for years that were unreliable and hard to use. Our crib business has more than doubled on the cribs we have them at. Half are used by the customer and half managed by our associates. SE Touch is superior to a mobile adaptive website in that it is a native app that functions much faster and has only the functionality the customer needs and no “fluff” to have to navigate through. It allows them to get in, find what they need, order it and get out. It is designed for speed and simplicity.

Our Mobile Sales are now averaging 45% of our monthly E-Commerce Sales and continues to rise. I except the mobile app to grow to 60% of our sales by next year. Outside Salespeople have even adopted it as their preferred ordering method – even when they are in the office. Simplicity is the key to both of the apps as well as the admin side of things. Their Admin portal and the new reporting and analytics section are far superior to anything I can pull from Google Analytics on my regular E-Commerce website. It take seconds to create a new login and send welcome information to new users. I use the reporting feature to determine what search terms are being used that render no results and that then allows me to program in more keywords to items that should have been found.

What I find the most valuable is the customer service of the Innovo team. My questions are answered in the matter of hours, not days and they always listen to new ideas I have on making their product better. We are the ones using the product in the field every day and they love our input and I have seen a number of times our suggestions be built into the next release. Quality apps, with quality staff = Happy customers and sales people = Profits generated = Happy Executives/Owners.

Rod Sanders
Consolidated Supply

In my mind Innovo means innovative products and brilliant, highly customer-focused people. It’s a great combination! Innovo software is rock solid and very relevant. I value our partnership.

Dean Krout
Schaedler Yesco

Going into 2013, Schaedler Yesco had two burning software needs, mobile access to our business system and to upgrade an aging Storeroom Management System. I found OE Touch and StockRoom from Innovo to be exactly what we needed. Innovo is creative, innovative, and responsive. I couldn't ask for a better software partner.

Ryan Sadlier
Johnstone Supply Tacoma

We have nothing but love for Innovo. Both OE Touch and Signature Touch have delivered a world class Johnstone branded face and functionality to our customers. The apps are feature-rich, lighting fast, and they work. The same could be said for the Innovo staff, they are outstanding partners!

Michelle Thompson
Johnstone Supply Las Vegas

Since buying the Innovo Stockroom Management app and the OE Touch app, we have added efficiencies and dramatically improved our customer ordering experience. Innovo is so easy to work with. In fact, a couple of times I mentioned a suggested change, within a couple hours receieved a call that it was added to the product. Implementation has been thorough and easy. We look forward to our continued partnership!