Info Touch

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Real-time Business Summary

Info Touch gives you immediate, real-time access to your key Eclipse business information. Access your business summary instantly to monitor key metrics such as sales, gross profit, cost of goods sold, and account receivables.

Identify Trends in Your Business

Identify performance trends in your business by creating graphs comparing general leger, sales source, and product types across branches and year-over-year.

Available on iPhone and iPad

Access your business data on either an iPhone or iPad, with instant chart-syncing between devices.


Feature List

  • Year-to-Date, Month-to-Date, and Last 12 Months data
  • Compare up to three years (current year and the last two years)
  • Respects cost/sales authorizations
  • Create and save graphs for your Business Summary, General Ledger Detail, and Sales Source Data
  • Access Sales Detail — compare credits, stocks, and directs
  • Generate fiscal and calendar comparisons
  • Includes both iPad and iPhone versions for quick access to Account Summary, Business Summary, and Sales Detail
  • Instant chart-syncing between your iPhone and iPad

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