Location Touch

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Improve Inventory Accuracy

Improve inventory accuracy and increase customer service through effective product cycle counting. Increase productivity and profitability by finding products faster, while resolving inventory discrepancy issues and reducing slippage, due to theft or misplaced product.

Locate and Move Products Easily

Control, manage, and find product in your warehouse faster with the enhanced ability to instantly move and update product location information real-time.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Improve your warehouse efficiency and inventory accuracy through barcode scanning and access to real-time, accurate product location information. Better inventory control and management improves profitability, customer service and increases warehouse productivity.


Feature List

  • Inventory accuracy with UPC barcode scanning
  • Cycle counting for Eclipse RF and non-RF environments
  • Physical inventory for Eclipse RF and non-RF environments
  • Access product information such as History and Future Ledgers and Product Activity Logs
  • View product count history
  • View warehouse zones and locations
  • View products in specific locations
  • Add, move, and delete locations based on user authorizations
  • Print and update product and location barcodes

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