Innovo Platform

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Powerful Mobile Device Management

The Innovo Platform is a powerful cloud-based portal to administer all of our mobile apps—security, mobile device management, and analytics—from your on-premise ERP server to the web. Control permissions for users and devices, see customers, operating systems, last access dates, and more.

Drive Customer Profitability

See what your customers are doing in the app: what are they searching for, how are they searching, and what are they looking at but never buying. Our web-based tools provide easy access to your authorized employees and allow you to download analytics to third-party reporting tools.

Engage Customers with Effective Marketing Tools

Push notifications provide a new way to communicate with your customers directly to their phones and tablets. Send marketing push notifications about new products, promotions, and company events. Send automated notifications directly from Eclipse based on standard activity triggers. Imagine your customer receiving a notification when their order is ready to be picked up!

Complete Delivery Metrics

Innovo’s Deliver extends Signature Touch by allowing you to see all your manifest delivery information real-time. See where your trucks are as well as live estimated and actual delivery times. Real-time GPS tracking allows you to see the exact delivery route, how long and where drivers stop, and MPH. Use the Compare feature to overlay live and historical routes to improve delivery efficiency.


Feature List

  • Web-based tool to invite employees customers and manage their app access
  • See customers, users, devices, operating system, last access date, and more
  • Track customer and employee app usage, products ordered, searched, and viewed but not purchased
  • Download analytics to third-party reporting tools
  • View product search criteria and resulting product hits to ensure customers are easily finding what they are searching for
  • Send marketing push notifications and create marketing campaigns
  • Send smart push notifications based on activity triggers in Eclipse, such as when an order is ready to be picked up or when orders are delivered to a job site
  • Real-time GPS tracking of your delivery vehicles
  • Stop internal calls to drivers and increase business productivity with instant access to route and customer delivery information

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