Signature Touch

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Mobile Proof of Delivery

Innovo’s Signature Touch allows you to capture signatures anywhere — your counter, will call, and delivery routes. This efficient, paperless solution improves productivity and customer service by eliminating the need to scan and store paper copies. With instant access to customer signatures and photos for proof of delivery you’ll reduce administration costs and significantly improve delivery and collection accuracy.

Optimized for Delivery

Improve customer service and increase driver productivity with Signature Touch's estimated delivery times based on real-time mapping information. Your driver’s efficiency is enhanced with an easy-to-use app that provides all the necessary delivery information, route guidance, and the tools to deal with unanticipated delivery issues.

Live Delivery Metrics

Live GPS mapping allows you to track and monitor your delivery vehicles, providing insight and information to improve your fleet efficiency. A driver dashboard with supporting delivery route comparison data help improve route optimization and driver productivity.


Feature List

  • Capture signatures at your counter, will call, and deliveries
  • Customers verify order totals and details (quantities, description, pricing) before signing
  • Sign once and attach signature to multiple orders
  • Increase sales and ROI with vendor advertising at your counter
  • Capture proof of delivery on your delivery routes with photos and signatures
  • Signatures and photos attached to the Eclipse invoice
  • Instant access to estimated and actual delivery times, based on real-time GPS mapping information
  • Live route directions and optional redirecting provide the most efficient route
  • Real-time tracking of driver location, MPH, and upcoming deliveries
  • Compare delivery routes to identify overlaps and improve route efficiency
  • View total time traveled, idle time, days active, maximum speeds and more

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