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Manage and Replenish Customer Inventory

Automate your customers' inventory replenishment process with Innovo's fast, efficient, and easy-to-use StockRoom mobile app. Improve inventory accuracy with the added benefit for customers to track their on-hand inventory. Enhance your billing process by tracking product usage by job, while maintaining sufficient inventory levels to support onsite workflow.

Control Your Consignment Process

Control and manage your consignment inventory and streamline your billing process by more accurately tracking product usage. Improve customer service and productivity through timely billing and optimized consignment product replenishment.

Customer Job Tracking

StockRoom gives you a major, competitive advantage that also builds strong customer retention. It strengthens the ties between you and your customers, by offering them a seamless, efficient tool that tracks their product usage by job, while creating instantaneous replenishment orders. Stockroom also helps them with more accurate job billing and timely inventory replenishment.


Feature List

  • Ordering based on specific quantities
  • Automatically replenish inventory based on min/max stock levels
  • Integrated barcode scanner enables quick product entry and counting
  • Instant access to product descriptions, images, pricing, and availability
  • End-users can store and track on-hand inventory
  • Multiple orders can be managed simultaneously
  • View order and product history
  • Handles consignment inventory, billing, and transfers
  • Process counts and orders in real-time or in offline mode for later transmission

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